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Stronger Paperback

Stronger Paperback


Men don’t need to become less “manlike.” They need to become better men…

One night at dinner I told my teenage daughters, “The best thing for a woman— like each of you— is a strong man. Don’t look for a weak one. And, the best thing for a strong man is a strong woman like you. You were made for each other, to help each other fulfill your purpose together at an even higher level, accomplishing together what neither one of you could do alone. That’s God’s design.”

That is-

•women don't need to become less womanlike to fulfill their purpose

•nor do men need to become less manly to empower women and-- at the same time-- fulfill their purpose

We each need to embrace and become the most fully alive version of who God designed us to be.

Strong families create strong and dynamic churches and governments— not the other way around.

The churches and the government— and other institutions— will never be stronger than the families of any given culture. In fact, the problems we currently see with our politicians (on both sides on the political fence) attest to this.

We don’t need weaker leadership, we need better leadership. 

Moreover, we need the right kind of leaders. 

True leadership "protects over" and "empowers under." 

Throughout the New Testament we see that leaders aren't given their post by God to push others down or keep them in their place. Rather, their authority is given specifically for the purpose of building others up (see 2 Corinthians 10:8).

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