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The word redemption means “freedom.”


We first find the word in the Exodus story— where God frees His people from bondage in Egypt.


But the redemption He granted them included so much more than physical servitude. He gifted them with—


  • A clear mind and free will
  • Cleansing from guilt and shame
  • Healing for their physical bodies
  • Financial blessing and abundance
  • Dominion in their work
  • Joy and emotional wholeness


The New Testament declares that Jesus is our Redeemer, the One who sets us free. And, if the New Covenant is based on better promises than the Old, should we not expect at least the same blessings today?


Redemption outlines what the blessings of your freedom are— and shows you how to access them in this present life.

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    5.5x8.5 Paperback, 338 pages

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