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Identity (LifeLift #1)

Identity (LifeLift #1)


Book 1 in the LifeLift series covers Identity. If you don’t know who you are— and settle the issue that you are fiercely loved by God— you’ll seek to find that your worth through external means (validation from others, accolades you achieve, or even just activities you do).


In book 1 we discuss—


  • Jesus shows us what God is really like
  • Jesus highlights who we actually are (as opposed to who we often think we are or who others have claimed us to be)
  • Jesus included us in every facet of His life, including HIs death, burial, and resurrection
  • We now live a resurrected life, in the power of the Spirit, effectively empowered to “do life” at a level that out-performs our natural capacity




Identity: Knowing who God is & resting in who He says I am is my foundation

  • Product Info

    136 pages, including 30+ graphics to help you “see it” as you read along

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