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LifeLift (Full Version Hardback)

LifeLift (Full Version Hardback)


When you discover what you’re gifted to do, you find your purpose. And finding your purpose changes everything.


LifeLift provides you with a four-part framework to live at the next level.


Part 1 = Identity = Knowing who God is & resting in who He says I am is my foundation.


Part 2 = Presence = Living in awareness of His presence is the best habit I can develop.


Part 3 = Expression = Imparting my gifts of grace and love is always the right response.


Part 4 = Perspective = Continuing to lean back into my Kingdom identity remains the best way to move forward.




LifeLift: Awaken to Your Identity, Live in the Presence, Express Your Purpose

  • Product Info

    Hardback (6x9) = 550 pages, including 5 assessments and 100+ images / illustrations

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