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Healing Workshop Paperback

Healing Workshop Paperback


New Edition COMING SOON!


If Jesus healed everyone, and if He said we would do greater things than He did then why isn’t everyone healed today?

In the Field Guide to Healing you’ll learn a 3-step healing model:

  • Think = that is, believe the right things about God, about the place of faith in the healing process, and about how healing works (including the synergy of both natural health and supernatural healing)
  • Touch = understand the purpose of the laying on of hands, as well as why Jesus did “up close” miracles when He clearly demonstrated the ability to do them from far away
  • Tell = the power of your words

If you…

  • Believe healing power is available today and feel like God has tapped you to share His abundance & provision with others…
  • Want a step-by-step process that’s backed by the Bible, history, and science…
  • Would love to give yourself and the people you love options when the miracles seem just out of reach…
  • Think experiencing the Father’s heart would be fun and invigorating…

… then the Think, Touch, Tell Field Guide to Healing is just for you!

  • Product Info

    192 pages, 70+ graphics and illustrations throughout.

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